CAcert and PGP

I am a passive member of two web-of-trust type communities. The first is PGP, and my key is reasonably well established.See the output of:

gpg --fingerprint 0x4dca7e5e
on the right as a downloadable PDF.

The other area I dabble in is CAcert. I'm an assurer with 150 out of 150 points (as of Q1 2010), and can give out assurances up to 35 points myself. Feel free to contact me if you are in Zurich (or if I appear at a venue where you are at), and I'd be happy to meet up and swap out assurances. My own CAP form is linked in on the right as a downloadable PDF as well.

A note on using PGP

While I'd happily receive encrypted e-mail, I do not use PGP to sign my own e-mails often. But that is not to say I do not use it at all! Almost all of my e-mail is sent out verbatim, unsigned, and non-encrypted.

Why? My correspondents don't always have a PGP enabled e-mail client, so the binary mumbo jumbo confuses some. I don't think it's necessary to burden others by being a crypto-anal-ist (pun intended), and besides, I generally do not see little gremlins under my bed at night either, so I'm not that worried.

However, I will reject any claim that I wrote an e-mail unless that e-mail is PGP signed by 0x4DCA7E5E, or a key superceding it. In other words, for the really important stuff, I always use PGP, for casual e-mail correspondence, I do not.